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Piktochart – Easily create posters, reports, presentations

piktochart iconIt’s often said that a person is the sum of their memories. We retain in our memories some of what we read, more of what we see, even more of what we experience.  When our students read information without reference to illustrations, posters, charts, graphs, tables, etc, they often do not have a full understanding of what they just read.

Information in graphic form, often enhances lessons and helps students to grasp facts, values, trends, as well as to analyze relationships in the data.

Piktochart, an infographic website, allows us to easily create visual graphics such as posters, reports, or presentations in just a few simple steps: 1- choose a theme, 2- Insert graphics, 3- Insert or edit text, and 4- Save and share.
Sample of a few Piktochart templates:

piktochart samples

Check out Piktochart's YouTube videos to learn more about creating infographics for your lessons.
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