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Share web pages to your Google Classroom classes. Get your class on the same (web)page, instantly.

Google Classroom Teachers:
Save time and create a more interactive class with the Share to Classroom extension. The extension allows you to push webpages to your any of your Classroom classes, so they open instantly on your students' computers.

With this extension, you can get your students on the right page, quickly and reliably every time. You can also post announcements, create assignments, or save webpages to post to Classroom later.

The Share to Classroom extension gets you to webpages your teacher shares, without you having to type out the whole URL. You can also push web pages directly to your teacher.


multimedia 1UEN Multimedia Resources provide images, videos, sounds, and related materials for educators.

The website includes links for:

  • Pictures, clip art, images
  • Videos, Movies, Streaming resources
  • Sounds, audio, music
  • Multimedia types
  • PowerPoint and Multimedia Slideshow Resources
  • Search Engines for Resources
  • Related Materials

As always, please follow the guidelines for copyright and usage that are provided at each Web site. Always use caution when downloading or saving files from the Internet.

graphic designNathan Smith, Director of Technology Integration at Utah State University, is offering free Photoshop and Graphic design courses.

Nathan is an expert on graphic design, so if you are interested in learning from the best, check out his courses.

Nathan's TeacherLink TechBytes Newsletter:


todays meetTodaysMeet is the a backchannel chat platform for classroom teachers and learners. Designed for teachers, TodaysMeet takes great care to respect the needs and privacy of students while giving educators the tools for success.

Students join fast, easy to start rooms with no sign up, and can immediately start powerful conversations that augment the traditional classroom.

  • Moderate content: Keep rooms focused by getting rid of off-topic or inappropriate messages.
  • Keep rooms open longer: Ongoing discussion? Long-term group? Keep rooms open for up to a year!
  • But only as long as you need: Close rooms whenever you're ready, not just when time runs out.
  • Keep it private: Limit who can join your room and keep tabs on the participants.
  • Rooms at your fingertips: Easily keep track of all your rooms, and see which are closing soon.
  • Be yourself: Own your own identity across devices and sessions—you can still pick a name, but you're always you!

Learn how to use backchannels in your classroom:

Do you ever click a link to an email address and get frustrated when Outlook or Apple Mail pops up, rather than Gmail? Google Chrome makes it stunningly easy to make your Gmail account the default when clicking linked email addresses. Switching is easy and you don’t even have to go into your Chrome settings.

Check out the video below or click on this link.


Utah teachers can access UEN premium services through their UEN teacher account.  The premium services are only available to Utah teachers.

Log on to your UEN account.
UEN login

Click on your Personal page.  Look at UEN Premium Services.  Do you see the following services as shown below?

UEN premium services

If you do not see the premium services listed on your UEN personal page, click on "Edit name and login" located in the upper righthand corner of your personal UEN page.

edit name and login
Enter your Jordan District email address in the field labeled "Email address" and save your changes.

email address

You will then have access to UEN's premium services, UIMC + eMedia, Pioneer Online Library, Digital Science Online and Adobe Connect.

Learn more about UEN's premium services here.

9 ideas

"UEN's 9 ideas for..." are a series of 9 easy, quick ideas on how to implement a variety of technology tools in your classroom:

In addition to these great ideas, check out UEN for professional development classes, Pioneer Library, and many other resources for teaching.