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2022 Ed Tech Endorsement Registration

Registration will open in Fall 2021 for our new Cohort.

The Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) is an intensive 1-2-year professional development program provided  Jordan teachers by the Jordan Digital Learning department. It comprises a blend of evening face-to-face sessions and online learning in which teachers explore ways to leverage classroom technology in a constructivist, student-centered approach to increase instructional effectiveness and student achievement.

Objectives of this project include:

  • Enhance teacher instructional practices by using technology seamlessly in classrooms
  • Emphasize project-based learning, constructivist approaches, and student-centered classrooms
  • Enrich instructional effectiveness
  • Increase student academic achievement

This program is intensive, with participation in a 3 credit hour course required every semester. Each course includes monthly face-to-face sessions as well as an online component. At the successful completion of the program, participants will have received 18 credit hours (USOE or UVU) and also receive their Educational Technology Endorsement.

The district provides the following for each participant:

18 hours of college or lane change credit.
Participants must pay for UVU credit. USBE credit is free.
Educational Technology Endorsement on your teaching certificate. (Participant must submit paperwork)
If you have any questions about the ETEP program please contact Deanna Taylor 801-567-8773 in the Digital Learning department.