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Center Programs

Innovative Learning Workshops

Each Innovative Learning Workshop focuses on a STEM or digital tool that you can use in your classroom. Each opportunity is 1 hour and run by a member of our Digital Learning or Teacher Leader Team. We encourage you to attend and earn pins to show off what you know.

September-October 2019 Schedule


Each certificate is a learning opportunity that allows teachers to dive deeper into STEM and digital tools.  Each certificate is comprised of learning workshops that are intended to build skills to implement tools into regular core instruction. Teachers have the opportunity to earn certificates in Google, Canvas, MasteryConnect, Nearpod, Adobe, and Common Sense Media.

**Certificates are eligible for USBE credit and a $200 stipend.  Each certificate will count as an elective for the Ed Tech Endorsement.

Trending Classrooms

A trending topic is something that everyone is talking about and sharing their views on. Innovative learning through STEM and digital learning tools can turn regular classrooms into #TrendingClassrooms.  Apply for the #TrendingClassroom program and prepare to initiate, engage and transform digital learning in your classroom. 

#Trending Classrooms program is available for up to 3 USBE credits that can be used toward the Ed Tech Endorsement and up to $1500 stipend.

Applications will be accepted beginning September 1, 2019.

Link to Application