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Digital Teacher Leader (DTL) Program

19-20 Digital Teacher Leader (DTL) Program

To support the implementation of digital and blended learning in Jordan School District,
the Digital Teaching & Learning Team proposes the Digital Teacher Leader (DTL)
Program. The DTL program will begin with each school designating 1 person as their
school Digital Teacher Leader (DTL). This program is designed to build the capacity of
the DTL to provide support in the implementation of classroom blended and digital

Responsibilities of the Digital Teacher Leader:

1. Attend a monthly mandatory after-school training on digital tools & blended
2. Hold a (20-30 min) monthly or bi-monthly meeting at the school to highlight the
use and implementation of digital tools in the classroom.
3. Work with school administrators and district assigned Digital Learning Specialists
to coordinate, collaborate and teach blended learning.
4. Collaborate with teachers to use digital tools and blended learning
5. Serve as a member of the school Technology Team

It is expected that the DTL will spend two hours per week, receiving a $3,000 stipend.
$1,500 in November 2019 and $1,500 in April 2020. The two hours will be spent
completing the responsibilities as listed above through digital, blended and face-to-face

For more information, contact Beth Lewis • 801.567.8151 •

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