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Jordan District Canvas Info

JSD Student Instance and Skyward Grade Sync
Jordan District Classroom Instance of
A new instance of Canvas was created to be used by students and teachers.

  • Student Login: students use their JSD email address as their login (i.e. and their student number with “jsd” added to the end as their password (i.e. 1234567jsd).

Teacher Login: Teachers use their JSD email address as their login (i.e. and they click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page to set up their password.  If a teacher does not have an account in Canvas then the likely cause is the registrar at the school has not entered their JSD email address in the Skyward staff screen (the teacher would have the same problem using Mastery Connect).

This instance of Canvas is interfaced with Skyward and contains all secondary schools.  Courses, students, and teachers are created and updated from Skyward to Canvas every night.  Therefore, administrators cannot add, update or delete courses and users in this instance.  If there is a problem with a course, student or teacher then the change would is made in Skyward and updated that night in Canvas.  Teachers have the ability to transfer their Canvas assignment grades from Canvas to their Skyward grade book with the click of a button.

The steps for an easy transfer of grades from Canvas to Skyward is as follows:
When teachers click on the “Post Grades” button in Canvas, then assignments are created and scores are updated in their Skyward Gradebooks for all assignments with the “Sync to SIS” setting checked. For the assignment grades in Canvas to be passed back to the Skyward Gradebook, you must have three things set up on each Canvas assignment.

  1. The Canvas “Assignment Group” MUST match the Skyward “Category” for ALL sections/grade books of a course. For example, if I had three sections/grade books of a Biology course in Skyward and select “Quiz” as the Assignment Group in Canvas, then I would need to have the “Quiz” Category selected in all three Biology sections/grade books in Skyward. So the first thing a teacher should do is go into Skyward and select all of the Categories that they are going to use for a course. Then go into Canvas and add them into their Assignment Group for that course.
  2. The “Sync to SIS” checkbox must be checked for each assignment. By default, the box is checked. If the teacher does not want the grades to be passed back to Skyward then they would uncheck the box.
  3. The assignment must have a Due Date that falls within a grading term in Skyward.

NOTE: Jordan District Professional Development Canvas Instance: replaces