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Student Canvas Access


Student JSD Google Account

Students must be logged into their JSD Google account in order to access Canvas.  Once the student is logged into that account, they can log into Canvas.

If students are using a Chromebook from their school. they simply log on and they will be in their JSD Google Account.

If students are using a personal computer, they will need to log into their JSD Google Account.

Log into your Canvas course(s) as follows:

  1. Log into your Chromebook.
  2. Click on the Google Apps icon (also known as 'the waffle'). (image 1)
    1. The icon is located in the upper-righthand corner of Google apps such as Mail, Docs, Drive, and do on.
  3. The waffle opens.  You will see several icons.
  4. Scroll down through the icons until you locate the icon labeled "Canvas LMS". (image 2)
  5. Click on that icon.
    1. It will automatically log students and teachers into Canvas.
canvas login
Your login takes you to the Canvas Dashboard which shows the classes in which you are enrolled.
Example of Student Canvas Dashboard
Example of Student Canvas Dashboard
You can create a Pair with Observer code so your parent or legal guardian can view your work.

  1. Click on Account at the top of the global navigation menu on the far left of the screen.
  2. Click on Settings in the Account menu.
  3. In the far right of the Settings, click on “Pair with Observer” to create the code.
  4. The “Pair with Observer” window opens providing a 6-digit code of capital and lowercase letters.   Note: Take note of the code. If you are unclear about letters, specifically the letters i or l, you can click “OK” to repeat step 4 until you get a different code.

This code is only good for seven (7) days and for a one-time use. If both parents and/or guardians want to pair with a student, the student will need to create another code. 

Steps for Student to Create Pair with Observer Code
Steps for Student to Create Pair with Observer Code
Provide the code to your parent or legal guardian.
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Important! Connect Google Drive with Canvas
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