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google docs quick createNow a quick, easy way to create new Google documents by clicking on an extension in your Chrome browser bar.

Add the Google Docs Quick Create extension to your Chrome browser bar.  When you want to create a new Google Doc, just click on the Google Docs Quick Create icon (it is the Google Drive icon) and click on a new doc, sheet, presentations, forms, or drawing.

Locate Google Docs Quick Create in the Chrome store or simply click on the link below:

Google Docs Quick Create

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Many people liked the classic look of the compose window in Gmail.

old compose optionsIf you prefer the that look, there is a Chrome extension called Old Compose that you can install to restore the classic look in GMail.

Once you install the extension, the Old Compose icon will be found in the upper righthand corner of the browser window.  Clicking on the icon (circled in red) allows you to toggle between the two different classic versions: Classic Compose or Improved Compose:

old compose views

As with every Chrome extension, you can always disable it or delete it.

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