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Canva for Education

Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Users can create a wide range of designs including presentations, videos, infographics, comic strips, newsletters, social media posts, posters, and much more.

Canva Resources from UCET Conference

The UCET Conference in March featured many sessions on Canva. Check out the resources from some of these sessions. Continue reading...

Beyond the Basics: Unleash Creativity with Canva by Colby Hawkins

Beyond the Basics: by Colby Hawkins


AI Wizardy: Mastering the Magic of Canva and SchoolAI by Kasey Chambers & Colby Hawkins

AI Wizardy Presentation by Colby Hawkins


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Canva Usage Data

These charts display usage data and top Canva users as of the end of February 2024.

The Future is Visual - ISTE Presentation

In June 2023 I, Colby, had the opportunity to present at the ISTE conference in Philadelphia on Canva. Below you will find a link to a Wakelet collection that includes the slides that I used to present. This presentation is all about how you can utilize Canva to help students become more adept at communicating in highly visual ways. Check out the slides by clicking the image below.

BUTTON The Future is Visual: Create Visual Communication with Canva


Canva Magic Studio

Discover Canva's Magic Studio, a fusion of AI-powered tools designed to amplify your creativity. It unites all of Canva's AI features, from smart image resizing to generative image creation, and even generating drafts of designs, in one intuitive platform. With Magic Studio, you can effortlessly transform your ideas into professional designs. Explore these innovative features in the attached slide deck.

BUTTON Linking to Slide Deck of Canva's Magic Studio