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DTL Spotlight

To go along with this resource, Larisa Nageli created a wonderful template for student Canvas Cards and also a presentation on how to use the Canva Bulk Create feature to create these cards.  Go through the presentation below to find out how to easily create your Canvas Home Access cards for your students using Bulk Create. Click on the Card image below to access the Canva template.

Canvas Take Home Card w/skyward by Larisa Nageli

Canvas Student Cards

Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming a major presence in our world. As teachers begin to use SchoolAI and other tools to support their teaching practice, students will also begin to explore AI and how it fits into their lives. This is a pivotal time where educators need to begin to introduce and discuss this technology to their students. We need to give students guided support and instruction on the impacts of AI. Below is a framework developed by SchoolAI to help support educators and schools as they help students successfully and ethically use AI.

AI Literacy Framework

November 2023 AI Updates

AI is a new and engaging tool that students can use during the learning process! Check out this freebie tool that embeds AI into the Think-Pair-Share strategy. In pairs, students can create ideas and brainstorm, chat with a partner, and consult AI to synthesize, summarize, or add clarity to their ideas. (Click Image for Link)

Virtual Learning (Snow) Day

Welcome to our Virtual Learning (Snow) Day Hub.  This resource will provide links and videos to help you in creating engaging online learning opportunities for your students. Below is a video describing the new resource available in Canvas.

Canvas Virtual Learning (Snow) Day by Deanna and Kasey