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Mastery Connect

Mastery Connect New Feature

Align a Canvas Assignment to a Standard

Instructors can align a Canvas assignment to a standard in a Mastery tracker for a more unified experience. Additionally, the header in the Mastery Connect student assessment experience is updated. Item flagging is available for Mastery Item Bank (MIB) and Mastery Item Bank Supplemental (MIBS) to enable easy communication when an item requires a review......continue reading

Given-on Feature Added

Teachers have asked and Mastery Connect delivered!  You can now see when you gave the assess.......continue reading


Add your Tracker to Canvas. When you link your Tracker to your Canvas course you can easily navigate to all the assessments in MC, especially the Canvas Quizzes you've transitioned to MC, and attach to assignments.

link to PD on connecting the mastery tracker in Canvas

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Did you change grades or schools and need to access your curriculum maps? Check out the Edit Profile link to find out how to make certain that you are always able to see the maps and trackers available to you.

If you can't see your district prepared pre test it may be your view ratio. The video below will help you adjust your screen so that your assessments are all in view.