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Instruction becomes engaging and interactive for students when using Nearpod.  Nearpod is a lesson delivery platform tool that allows teachers to send content to student devices in real-time and give students the opportunity to send teachers responses to questions in the form of interactive activities.

Congratulations to the following teachers who earned the Utah Nearpod March Badge Challenge!

March Quick Start Activity

Meredith Olson - Antelope Canyon Elem
Caiping Sun - Eastlake Elem
Tammy Schaetz - Golden Fields Elem
Kelsi Hanratty - Golden Fields Elem
Maryann Mumford - Herriman Elem
Christy Rand - Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle
Natalie Hall - Silver Crest Elem
Ruthann Taylor - Rocky Peak Virtual Elem
Dorrelyn Smith - Terra Linda Elem
Tiffani Birge - Terra Linda Elem

April/May Nearpod Badge Challenge!

April/May Badge Nearpod Creator

It’s time for the April/May Nearpod Badge Challenge! Nearpod users in Utah can earn a digital badge each month to show off their Nearpod skills.

April/May 2023: Nearpod Creator

To earn this month’s digital badge, create your own Nearpod lesson and launch it with 3+ students during April or May. 

Create your own Nearpod lesson:
Start fresh within the Nearpod platform.
Import a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation.
Use the Google Slides add-on.

Nearpod News!

Nearpod News MayThe image contains a hyperlink to May Nearpod News

Nearpod Updates!

May 2023 Nearpod UpdatesThe image contains a hyperlink to May Updates

View the video to see how to log in to Jordan District Nearpod Account

nearpod login video

Check out the video below to learn more about this great engagement tool.