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Instruction becomes engaging and interactive for students when using Nearpod.  Nearpod is a lesson delivery platform tool that allows teachers to send content to student devices in real-time and allows students to send teachers responses to questions in the form of interactive activities.

Heading by Deanna Taylor

All New Nearpod News for May, 2024!

What's New with Nearpod Back to School 2024

Nearpod has some exciting changes for the beginning of the school year. Check out  .....continue reading

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Student Writing & Research Contest

Nearpod Contest

For additional information, Click here.

Navigating Nearpod - Join Me at UCET

Navigating Nearpod

Join me at UCET. I will be presenting on Nearpod and Eduprotocols... Continue Reading

All New Nearpod News for March 2024!

Check out what is new with Nearpod at UCET in March, continue reading....

Nearpod image

December Nearpod Upgrade

This December, Nearpod will be upgrading the following collections to the 21st Century Readiness program:  continue reading

Click here to view the Nearpod News Archive.

Nearpod New Canvas LTI 1.3

Nearpod's new Canvas LTI 1.3 was recently updated in both Jordan instances of Canvas.  Check out the video below about this new Canvas integration.

Relink Nearpod Account in Canvas by Deanna Taylor

View the video to see how to log in to Jordan District Nearpod Account

nearpod login video

Check out the video below to learn more about this great engagement tool.