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NetSafe Utah Logo black textAre you looking for some good resources to use when discussing the topic of Internet safety with your students?

The NetSafe Utah project is a great place to start.  The website includes easy-to-understand videos for students in several languages: Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Chinese, Korean, Navajo, Somali, Spanish, Tongan and Vietnamese.

Go directly to resources here:
Kids (grades K-6) | Teens (grades 7-12) |  Parents | Educators, and  Trainers.

Videos are age appropriate explanations about topics such as:

  • What is the Internet?
  • What is personal information?
  • Be kind online.
  • Protecting personal information
  • Online friends
  • Distracted driving
  • Public network safety
  • Mobile location privacy

NetSafe Utah provides Utah schools and communities the Internet Safety information they need and helps schools meet Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements.

NetSafe partners with organizations such as KUED, USOE, Utah State Library System and others to provide these resources for our community.

Other helpful, reliable sites that teach net safety are:

canned responsesIf you don't want to type the same reply every time someone emails you with a common question, you can compose your reply once, save it, and use it when needed using a GMail feature called canned responses.

First you need to enable canned responses.  You do this only once.  Next compose and save canned responses.  Last, insert canned responses as needed.  (Click on images to enlarge)

1. Enable Canned Responses 

  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail.
  • Go to “Settings.
  • Click on the "Labs" tab.
  • Go to "Search for a lab," and type "Canned Responses" in the search bar
  • Press the button for "Enable.”
  • Press "Save Changes.”

enable canned responses







2. Create a Canned Response

  • Cick compose
  • Click the arrow next to the trash icon on the bottom right of the compose box.
  • Select "Canned response”,  then click "New canned response" on the submenu.
  • Enter the text for your canned response
  • Name your response and click OK to save it.

create canned responses






3. Use a Canned Response

  • Compose a new email.
  • Click on "Canned responses.”
  • Choose the response you wish to insert.
  • Change any information in the canned response that needs to be modified.
  • Send your canned response

insert canned response






You will find more GMail tips and tricks at the GMail Help Center

automatorTo quit all open applications on a Mac, you can close each application one at a time. But there’s an easier way.  You can create a workflow in Automator that quits all of your running (open) applications with one click.

You don’t need any programming background.  Here’s how it’s done:

Open “Automator” (found in Applications)
Choose “Application”

Automator choose application









  1. Type “Quit All Applications” in the search box.
  2. Drag and drop the “Quit All Applications” icon to the right window
  3. Click Run in the upper right hand corner

create workflow










Save the workflow to your desktop. Name it  “Quit Everything”.  An icon will be created.  Drag the "Quit Everything" icon to your dock.

When you want to quit all applications, click once on the Finder, then on the Quit Everything icon in your dock.
If you forget to click on the Finder, the most recent application will stay open.

Many people liked the classic look of the compose window in Gmail.

old compose optionsIf you prefer the that look, there is a Chrome extension called Old Compose that you can install to restore the classic look in GMail.

Once you install the extension, the Old Compose icon will be found in the upper righthand corner of the browser window.  Clicking on the icon (circled in red) allows you to toggle between the two different classic versions: Classic Compose or Improved Compose:

old compose views

As with every Chrome extension, you can always disable it or delete it.

Check out other Chrome extensions in the Chrome Webstore.

avery_label_merge_addonThe Avery Label Merge add-on is great for creating labels right in Google Docs.  You can seamlessly import addresses or names from Google Spreadsheets into Docs for printing. Just pick the type of Avery labels you’ll be printing and your document will be formatted to match the layout of your labels.

Here's how it works:
(If you cannot see the video below, log into

To manage Google add-ons,  go to


screencastomaticScreencast-O-Matic is a free screen recorder for instant screen capture and sharing. Use it right in your browser without an install at or download the application to run anytime.

Create a tutorial or record a lesson on a Mac or PC with just a couple of clicks.

Watch the Screencast-o-matic video to learn how it works.
(If you cannot see the video below, log into

edmodoIf you are interested in using Edmodo in your classroom, the following directions will help you set up your account so that it will be associated with the Jordan District Edmodo domain.   During account setup, you will be prompted to enter a school code.

To receive your school's code, contact your elementary school principal or send request for a code to the Jordan District Edmodo admins at:


  • Go to
  • Sign up as a Teacher
  • You will be prompted to enter 6-digit school code.
  • Enter your name, email and password.
  • Click Sign Up


  • Log into Edmodo at
  • Click on Settings
  • Click Change School and search for your school.
  • Logout of Edmodo, and then login again through
  • You will be prompted to enter your school code to be re-associated with the district domain.
  • Enter the 6-digit code for your school.