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December 2023 AI Updates

Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming a major presence in our world. As teachers begin to use SchoolAI and other tools to support their teaching practice, students will also begin to explore AI and how it fits into their lives. Continue reading...

November 2023 AI Updates

AI is a new and engaging tool that students can use during the learning process! Check out this freebie tool that embeds AI into the Think-Pair-Share strategy. In pairs, students can create ideas and brainstorm, chat with a partner, and consult AI to synthesize, summarize, or add clarity to their ideas. (Click Image for Link) Continue reading...

As we think about using AI in our schools with students, teachers should be discussing how AI will fit into the learning process. As educators, we are responsible to help our students develop the skills that lifelong learners possess, and AI is a part of the future for all of our students. As we prepare our instruction practices for the inevitable influence of AI, discuss with your teams, mentors, and staff what that means for each assignment. How much help from AI is too much? How much of a tool can it be in our classrooms? When is the best time for students to use it? Refer to the infographic from Ditch That Textbook to help the discussion.