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Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming a major presence in our world. As teachers begin to use SchoolAI and other tools to support their teaching practice, students will also begin to explore AI and how it fits into their lives. This is a pivotal time where educators need to begin to introduce and discuss this technology to their students. We need to give students guided support and instruction on the impacts of AI. Below is a framework developed by SchoolAI to help support educators and schools as they help students successfully and ethically use AI.

AI Literacy Framework

November 2023 AI Updates

AI is a new and engaging tool that students can use during the learning process! Check out this freebie tool that embeds AI into the Think-Pair-Share strategy. In pairs, students can create ideas and brainstorm, chat with a partner, and consult AI to synthesize, summarize, or add clarity to their ideas. (Click Image for Link)

NEW! Canva recently launched their new Magic Studio including new AI tools and putting all their AI tools in one place. These AI powered tools are now available for teachers in Jordan School District. Check out the slides below to learn more about the wide variety of magic tools available to enhance your designing in Canva!

Magic Studio by Colby Hawkins

Our DTL monthly theme is Digital Citizen. One way to help students be better digital citizens is teaching them how to use digital tools responsibly. Artificial Intelligence tools are reshaping the landscape of education and it's up to educators to help students navigate this change well.

Check out Adobe Firefly! Adobe Firefly is a separate website you can find at It's a place where you can come up with new ideas, make cool stuff, and communicate with creativity. Plus, it makes your creative projects way easier and faster to do with the help of smart AI technology.

There are a variety of tools you can play around with in Adobe Firefly:

  • Try the Text to Image to write interesting text prompts to see what it creates visually.
  • Try the Generative Fill tool to edit or alter your images based on your guidelines.
  • Play around with the Text Effects tool to apply endless styles or textures to text prompts.
  • And lastly, the Generative Recolor option is a great tool to alter vector images.

Check out this blog post on how to write effective prompts which is essential when it comes to using AI tools well: