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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2024! Your passion, dedication, and creativity inspire us every day. We'd like to share some words of gratitude from Jordan District's Big 6 Digital Tools. Thank you for all you do to shape our future!

The UCET Conference in March featured many sessions on Canva. Check out the resources from some of these sessions.

Beyond the Basics: Unleash Creativity with Canva by Colby Hawkins

Beyond the Basics: by Colby Hawkins


AI Wizardy: Mastering the Magic of Canva and SchoolAI by Kasey Chambers & Colby Hawkins

AI Wizardy Presentation by Colby Hawkins


Sessions from Canva Learning Consultant Janice Wintermyer

UCET Session Resources From Janice by Colby Hawkins


Interested in using Canva for video? Check out the recorded session “Lights, Canva, Action! Unleashing Classroom Creativity Through Video Projects”

Are you going to UCET 2024? Check out some of the great sessions featuring Canva.

Sessions Featuring Canva at UCET by Colby Hawkins


Colby and Kasey from Digital Teaching and Learning will be presenting a particularly fun session titled "AI Wizardry: Mastering the Magic of Canva and SchoolAI" where they will take you on a quest to explore the various AI powered tools within Canva and SchoolAI and how you can mix these these two programs to create magical concoctions.

AI Wizardry: Mastering the Magic of Canva and SchoolAI


Discover and embrace what's new in Canva! In this slide deck you will see some of the new features that will add fresh dimension to your lessons and designs. You will learn about some new apps including "Speed Paint" which will turn any image into a dynamic speed drawing video and how you can turn a simple scribble into a lifelike picture with "Sketch to Life". You will also see the latest training resources to continue to learn and master the many tools and features of Canva.

New Features Highlight - Feb 2024 by Colby Hawkins

Discover the transformative power of Canva's Magic Write feature. Streamline writing tasks, from lesson planning to worksheet creation, freeing you to focus on teaching. One standout feature: build on or modify existing text. Have only a slide heading or document section? Use Magic Write to "continue writing" and swiftly draft your body text. Don't miss the detailed teacher guide below. Dive in, explore, and elevate your digital teaching experience.

Copy of Magic Write Teacher Guide by Colby Hawkins