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Are you looking for a way to increase your digital skills and knowledge? The DTL team is offering two 16-hour classes, which would meet the 32-hour requirement for your Educator Directed Paid Professional Development.  These courses are self-paced and begin on October 2nd. All coursework must be completed by March 29th to qualify for the program.

32-Hour Directed Educator Pay DTL Course Sign-Up

The AI Frontier

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a remarkable entry into education, leaving educators with a mix of emotions. In this course we’ll help you navigate this new frontier by looking at different types of AI and how they’re used, the ethical challenges and dilemmas of AI in education, how AI changes teaching and learning, and how you can design activities and assessments with AI in mind.  By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about how AI fits, or doesn’t fit, into their teaching practice.

Kasey Chambers


Instructor Contact Information: Kasey Chambers


Teaching Digital Citizenship

In this course, participants will learn what digital citizenship is, how to teach students to be responsible digital citizens, and how to talk with students openly about cyberbullying and other potential pitfalls of social media. Participants will learn how to model digital citizenship and develop tools and lessons to use with students of all ages.


Instructor Contact Information: Kiera Beddes

Professional Development Day- August 15th

The DTL team taught some amazing sessions at the JSD Back-to-School Professional Development Day on August 15. Elementary teachers learned about incorporating Digital Tools into Literacy instruction, while Secondary teachers focused on integrating technology into their specific content areas. Our DTL team will be at the following locations:

Herriman High School (Grades K-2)

    • "Technology Tools for Fluency Performance"  by  Deanna Taylor and Larisa Nageli
K-2 Technology Tools For Fluency Performanceby Deanna Taylor


Riverton High School (Grades 3-5)

    • "Oral Reading Fluency and Digital Tools" by Kelli Cannon and Kasey Chambers
3-6 Technology Tools For Fluency Performance Master by Kasey Chambers


Mountain Ridge High School (Secondary Social Studies):

    • "Empowering Secondary Students Through Media Literacy" by Kiera Beddes
JSD: Empowering Secondary Students through Media Literacy by Kiera Beddes


    • "Bring Your Social Studies Class into the 21st Century" by Colby Hawkins
Bring Your Social Studies Class Into the 21st Century by Colby Hawkins


Copper Hills High School (Secondary Science)

  • "Let's Get Digital- Digital Science Tools" by Kiera Beddes, Jared Covili and Traci Rindlisbach
Aug. 15th-Secondary Science 7th/8th by Kiera Beddes


Copper Mountain Middle School (Secondary Math)

    • "How Can You Use the Big 6 in Your Math Class?" by Ross Rogers