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November 2023 AI Updates

AI is a new and engaging tool that students can use during the learning process! Check out this freebie tool that embeds AI into the Think-Pair-Share strategy. In pairs, students can create ideas and brainstorm, chat with a partner, and consult AI to synthesize, summarize, or add clarity to their ideas. (Click Image for Link)

November, with its falling leaves and cozy sweaters, is like a warm hug from Mother Nature. It's the month where we gather around tables of Thanksgiving feasts, sharing smiles and pumpkin pie. Allow your students to build and disguise Thanksgiving Turkeys, play Google Arts & Culture's "Baguette Sprint" and more this month.

Google News November 2023 by kelli.cannon

Happy Fall! Have you ever wondered how you can become a Google Certified Educator? Maybe you know one, maybe you are one. On the Google Educator Group Utah home page, Jordan Google Certified Educators can connect with each other and educators around the state who love all things Google. 

Google News- October 2023 by kelli.cannon

Cartoon avatar to animate from recorded audio

Adobe has rolled out a new and improved Adobe Express, just in time for the new school year! One of the coolest new features is the Animate from Audio Quick Action. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to try it out:

Here is a quick demo of the animate from audio feature:

Cute, right?! So many ideas for using this in your classroom. You can use it for direct instruction, student self-reflection, or creating original stories, or any number of fun ideas. Can't wait to see what you and your students start creating!


  • To access Adobe Express, simply type in in your browser URL.
  • Sign in using your Jordan District email.
  • Make sure to select "School or Company" account.
  • Start creating!