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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2024! Your passion, dedication, and creativity inspire us every day. We'd like to share some words of gratitude from Jordan District's Big 6 Digital Tools. Thank you for all you do to shape our future!

Last month, the UCET Conference featured many entertaining Google sessions. Below are some of the resources from GEG UT and Eric Curts. Click on any of the images to access the slides and recordings from the sessions.

60 in 60: Unleashing the 4C’s with Google Tools

The Great Google Bake-Off

GEG Utah- Google Tools Demo Slam 2024

Eric Curts- Hipster Google Tools You Probably Never Heard Of 

Also, April is National Poetry month and will also be a great opportunity to teach students about solar eclipses. Check out these Googley activities to do with your students to welcome in the spring weather!

Eric Curts'- Magnetic Poetry

My EdTech World- Solar Eclipse Virtual Room

Google News- February 2024 

A HyperDoc is a Google Doc that makes learning a self-led, layered journey. Start by creating a new doc. Organize your content using tables or headers. Add text, images, and multimedia in each section. Use hyperlinks to attach relevant study resources or tasks, making it more engaging. 

Try it this month!